Brandon Rivers

I was born an entrepreneur. As a teenager, kids in my school spent their summers working in fast food restaurants or convenience stores; I ran a successful landscaping company. I hired young kids from the neighborhood to work for 1/3 what I was charging -- what labor laws??? Besides, they were happy earning $10 per lawn, even if it meant watching me sitting under the shade of a southern pine, drinking a milkshake...

I've grown up. But I am just as efficient.

Starting in 2010, I've spent most of my time split between being a "big thinker" and being a disturbance. Am I here to make small ripples by following the leader, or produce waves of innovation?

As the CEO of fanmeetr, I lead by example. I believe that everyone who walks through the door has an idea worthy of marketing; therefore I lead the building of a product that not only gives a solution to a problem, but does so by leveraging the ideas of innovation from those who will use the product.