Brandon Ruffin

North Chicago Surburb

I am Brandon Ruffin, currently attending a top school just north of Chicago. I plan on graduating next year, then attending a university to major in advertising, political science, psychology, or something pertaining to broadcast. Through three years of school I have maintained around a 3.8 GPA. Activities I participate in include Martial Arts, soccer, basketball, wrestling, and an Ambassador program at that is designed to help Freshmen with their integration into high school. Helping others and being part of a team is something I enjoy. I also understand that all people don't need help and it should not be forced upon them. I believe that the ability to learn is an equal combination of both intelligence and work ethic. I take a personalized approach to everything I put effort into because generalizations are what plague American society today. People attempt to marginalize the most diverse country in the world. In reality, there is no true American or American Dream. Success is measured by different means. We tend to clap for the wrong reasons. Everyone should be appreciated and successful by their own measurement. I look forward to being a inspirational member of society, a visionary.

  • Work
    • Office Staff For Lake Michigan Beaches
  • Education
    • 3.8 GPA