Brandon Sawalich

A multifaceted sales executive with nearly two decades of experience in his field, Brandon Sawalich currently serves as Senior Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relations at Starkey Hearing Technologies in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. A native of West Frankfort, Illinois, Mr. Sawalich spent his childhood in the small mining town and later moved to Dallas, Texas, after graduating from high school.

After a year at Rend Lake College in Ina, Illinois, Brandon Sawalich secured an entry-level position in the Inside Sales Department at Starkey Hearing Technologies and began a prolific career with the major developer of hearing aid technology and products. Since then, he has become an integral member of the family at Starkey, and he has received a series of promotions for his accomplishments in the areas of sales and marketing. Named to his current position in 2005, Brandon Sawalich became the youngest Vice President at the company, a strong testament to his outstanding work ethic and results-driven approach to management. Over the past six years, he has built on his accomplishments by helping to increase revenue at Starkey by more than 30 percent.

Among his more recent achievements, Brandon Sawalich earned selection to the Board of Directors at the International Hearing Foundation, a nonprofit that both funds research into hearing disorders and treats individuals with hearing impairments in developing nations across the globe. In addition to his work in the hearing technology industry, Mr. Sawalich sits on the Board of Directors of the Bob Feller Museum, coaches his son's T-ball team, and contributes to a number of community development projects. Along with his family, Brandon Sawalich lives in the greater Minneapolis metropolitan area.