Brandon Shore

Brandon and his wife Stacy are missionaries at the University of Florida. They have been doing ministry on campus since they were students themselves in the mid 90's. They desire to see God's Kingdom advanced as their first priority through their family and through college ministry. "We see no better way to build God's Kingdom than to influence the future leaders on campus today. Outside of childhood, there is no better time to reach people with the gospel than when they are college age. It's during these years that students have time, are open, and make decisions that will radically alter the course of their lives". Jesus said "The harvest is plentiful", in fact there are 46,000 students who need to hear the good news at UF. The problem is, as Jesus said, "the laborers are few" especially on campuses today.

Gator Christian Life

Gator Christian Life (GCL) has a campus worship service for students with an average of 250 in attendance. GCL strongly encourages the students to be involved with home groups during the week and even smaller groups for accountability. More than 80% of GCL students are involved in these groups and are regularly challenged and encouraged in their faith through peer accountability and Bible study. God has been helping GCL fulfill it's mission on campus for 31 years: "Bringing college students to Jesus Christ and preparing them for a life time of service".

The Shore Family

Brandon and Stacy met through the ministry of Gator Christian Life as students. They were blessed to have the influence of many godly believers in GCL to help them stay pure in their dating relationship. As a result of this influence they decided to wait to kiss until marriage, not knowing that God would allow their wedding to be filmed for millions to see on TLC (The Learning Channel). They have now been joyfully married for 13 years.

They have three kids; two girls and a boy, ages ten, four and one. "We feel very blessed to have kids because Stacy struggled with infertility and miscarriages for five years between our first and second child. We are passionate about raising godly children and therefore are committed to homeschooling them in order to build their character and give them a good education."