Brandon Sturak

Journalist in Niagara Falls, New York

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Hello there! My name is Brandon, and I'd like to thank you for taking the time to visit my page. I am currently enrolled at Niagara University and am in my Senior year. I am a Communication Studies and History dual major. I love writing, and these two fields let me do a ton of it!

My focus for Communications Studies is on journalism. My dream is to become an esports journalist, and have already started to achieve my dream with an internship at The Game Haus. There, I cover the game League of Legends, specifically, the North American LCS and some for the European LCS. I also dive into the game itself, analyzing champions, patches and anything else new! I hope to continue this far into the future, whether its with TGH or another, bigger company.

As a History major, my focus is on the Cold War era. I've taken many classes studying this period and find the material interesting. I'm currently working on my thesis that studies the relations between the United States and Japan during some of these years.

On a lighter note, I obviously enjoy gaming quite a bit! Besides LoL, some other favorites are Final Fantasy XV, the Fallout series and the Pokemon series. I used to play Pokemon competitively and still love everything about it. Game of Thrones is my all time favorite TV show. I'm also a big anime fan, loving series like Death Note, Fate and Spice and Wolf. Well, that's all I've got! Thanks again, and have a great day!