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Brands2life The very first thing is to search for right PR partner is one need to understand that the Candidate campaign agencies follow communication in appropriate ways in right medium. The Political campaign agencies should have understanding of the issues and have flexible approach and a view to figure out the local thinking.

Structure of campaign should have a proper PR plan to follow for a political campaign. The Structure should when and how to do most active PR for elections. PR Company should follow the prototype method to know which approach would be suitable for a particular political campaign.

Approval for PR content should be done fast as it has to be disseminated in all media. So, prior approval must be taken for PR content and strategies.

The main concern for Political campaign PR agencies in Delhi would be to fight or do the counter PR for hyper-local challenges which are deceptively created by the arch rivals. Hence, the PR strategy should also be change as per the time and need of the hour.