Jerrod Sumner

Remember the kid who would never stop talking in elementary school, the class clown, the one who could make believe anything? That was me!

With a background in the arts, Sumner understands the creative process from start to finish. He loves the power of sharing a BRAND through storytelling and thoughtful design. He is the talker and the dreamer and will tackle your BRAND with a playful attitude, lots of ideas, and a streak of snarkiness. Sumner tells it like it is and believes that the BRAND is not made by just those who work on it but by those who experience it!

Sumner’s clients agree that he is a great voice to have in the room because he is always considering the customers and how the brand leaves your hands and enters their heads and hearts. After marketing with other companies, Sumner opened BRANDtabulous so that he could he could write his story by helping to write his client’s story.

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