jeremy brandt

JB's Biography

Everyone has a story. Each person perceives life through their own personal experiences, and gradually becomes who they believe to be as their true selves. Some stories are filled with sadness and loneliness, but overcome such obstacles to better themselves, while others have their life planned out before they even have a conscious mind and ultimately live through life as a hollow shell with little meaning or personal growth. My particular journey in life has had it's ups and downs, but in retrospect, I cannot stress how my personal experiences has been irrevocable to who I am today.

The journey begins when I am born into a loving family of 4, which includes my mother, father, and older brother. I am a little different than everybody around me, in that I represent about 2% of the population in my country, The United States, being mixed race. Having a Japanese mother and a Caucasian father has had its perks as well as its cons. I can experience the cultures of both worlds simultaneously, which is my favorite part of being mixed. On the other hand, I have also struggled with my personal identity a lot because it is often difficult to classify yourself and become part of a group as I am seldom been closely welcomed into either group of race, or any race as a fact of the matter. Making friends was not an easy task for me when I was young. This was mainly because of the big transition of changing from an international school predominately filled with Japanese and mixed group of kids to a private school that was predominately white. Being shy and introverted ultimately did not help me connect with my fellow classmates either. It feels strange thinking back on the days when I had little or no people to talk to and felt like an outsider. Skip ahead a couple of years I began to find an interest in sports, particularly football, and this forced me to open up and interact with more friends, eventually creating a lasting comradery between my teammates. I had earned the respect of my peers as a hard working individual and a respectable teammate. As a joke my teammates would sometimes call me, the beast from the far east, or our team as the Caucasian invasion with 1 Asian, which was sort of annoying at first but I became to accept it as they were only being playful as a sign of their affection towards me. By the end of highschool I had significantly come out of my shell and have created many friends who have been a catalyst in my personal