Brandy Alford

Council Bluffs, IA

Owner – Brandy’s Botany Bay Marietta, GA
• Created business plan and arranged vending opportunities.
• Marketed to various hubs via the internet
• Created a blog and Vlog via YouTube
• Arranged volunteer opportunities as well as worked with non-profit organizations.

Garden Essential Maintenance,
• Maintained a greenhouse with operate conditions for plant growth
• Used various techniques such as cutting, grafting, seed propagation, and runners for production.
• Implemented seed saving techniques for various heirlooms
• Research trendy growing techniques as well as farming trends.
• Amended soil and checked PH balance.
• Planned crop rotation
• Mushroom inoculation

Editorial Staff,
• Used knowledge as a technical writer to maintain website, online shop as well as Vlog.
• Created seed package and plant instruction.
• Correspond with customers via email, text, and fax.
• Grant writing, and corresponded to product reviews.
• Implemented various photographic images

• Vending at various function, by selling vegetables, seeds, plants as well as plant products
• Processed orders, packaged and shipment of online sell items.
• Purchased necessary items and updated inventory
• Processed payments via credit card, checks, and paypal.

  • Work
    • Brandy's Botany Bay
  • Education
    • Thomas Edison State College,
    • Florida Community College Jacksonville