Brandy Barber

Writer, Actor, and Consultant in Hollywood, CA 90068

Brandy Barber

Writer, Actor, and Consultant in Hollywood, CA 90068

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You finally got that meeting to pitch your show (and you have no idea how to sell it or YOU in the room)...

Your comedy pilot is finally finished and you can't tell if it's the least bit funny (and if you so much as look at a page of it again, your eyes will melt)...

You got asked to host an event and you're terrified of small talk (and even worse, small talk on stage)...

Take a deep breath (and relax your tongue from the roof of your mouth while you're at it). I'm here to rescue you -- and your project.

I'm a comedy writer who's punched up scripts for shows like Younger and Difficult People. I've created and sold pilots, been staffed on numerous "talking heads" clip shows, and written on-air copy for a famous person to say while being interviewed by a beloved late-night host (I've also signed a pretty iron-clad non-disclosure agreement about a lot of my "joke ghost" work so forgive me for keeping schtum).

Before you go into a pitch meeting, let's sit down and work on not just WHAT your script is saying but what YOU'RE going to say, too.

Before you send your pilot to festivals, let's make it as funny as I know it can be -- I'll give it a pass and help make your magic that much more magical.

Instead of dreading your upcoming speaking event, I'll help you give a voice to your best and most charming YOU so all you have to worry about is being awesome.

Hit that button and reach out to me with your project and let's get down to the business of making you and your work as dazzling as you dream it can be.