Brandyn Balmos

Brandyn has always felt destined to be a communicator, no matter the medium. Although he battled stage fright at an early age (quite the hindrance for a young musician/theatre student), his passion for reaching out to others was far more intense. Eventually, he found himself standing in numerous student government roles. "That was a huge turning point. I found that by listening to the concerns of others, and offering what I could to assist them, my nerves went out the window. It was all about them in those moments. Not about me. That's the beauty of service: your ego, your fears can vanish. I enjoy helping people discover, or re-discover, their passions. It's so important to do what you love." His newest venture--The eart(h)eart Project--is, at its basis, an inspirational platform. Brandyn is working on a video series that aims to share his messages with others, as well as a music project. "My calling is people. My passion is the arts. Things are in the beginning stages, but I truly can't wait to share."