Brandy Petricka

Director, Marketer, and Business Development in Oakland, California

Hello world! I'm Brandy and I have so many stories to tell and adventures to share. I'm working on my next chapter in life as a Mom, a professional and a seeker of new, exciting ways to explore life. I am fascinated by others stories and live to share a passionate message, product or idea that will change lives, improve lives and keep us all be connected. I have been called a people-connecter, free-spirit, boss, mentor, leader, performance artist, resourceful and a people lover. My business titles have included, Director, Manager, Lead, Marketer, Sales, Product, Consultant, Partner and Specialist. I am open to collaborating, networking and new opportunities. [email protected]

  • Education
    • San Francisco State University
    • Santa Rosa Junior College
    • City College of San Francisco