Brandy Boyer

Box Lacrossse, Customer Service, and Designer in Parkville, MO

Hey, I’m Brandy, I am a father and a grandfather. I currently am living in Parkville, MO. I'm an avid outdoorsman that loves a great cup of coffee!

I am a the Co-Owner & Commissioner of the Great Plains Box Lacrosse League. I love and have my favorites in every league. Music is a powerful tool that I use in everyday life. It can open doors that speech sometimes cannot.

I stay centered by doing yoga, researching my ancestry and going hiking, fishing and or camping.I can lead a team out of the woods to literally and figuratively to reach goals!

My strengths are: Strategic, Context, Individualization, Competition, Belief. I'm a jack of all trades and have more to offer than what a piece of paper says!

You can click the button above to get in touch. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to say hello, if you want to know more click my LinkedIn profile.

  • Education
    • Dakota County Technical College