Brandy Smith

Hi my name is Brandy Smith and I'm 17 years old. I'm very short and I live in Detroit. I'm in the 12 grade and my favorite color is purple and orange. I'm a very nice person and I love turtles,cats and big dogs, my mother died when I was 13 but I still was strong my life got worst when I was 14 but i came along. I have a twin brother and I love him to death I am the baby out of the 2 girls I want to be a nurse or something in the medical field my birthday is May 17 . I love to dance I cheered for 5 years from 6 grade to 10th and I love helping people.I am i very loving person i will go out my way to do something for somebody. I am very goofy at times. I am a good person to hang around and make jokes. I live with my father and step mother. I have two best friends a girl and boy.I really really love chocolate.I can cook a lot of stuff.My favorite subject is math.I love animals.I did band for like a year i think. I was a dancer in band.I did soccer in the 10th grade. I have 2 nephews and 3 nieces.I really rally love dora. I know thats childish but i don't care. THAT ALL ABOUT ME!!!!