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Raheel Najmi


1801 Honeysuckle Rd.

Dothan, AL



212- 845-9647




digital marketing agency, website design agency


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Branex is a full-fleshed digital marketing agency that helps brands in scaling and nurturing them with love, care, passion, and dedication. We believe that every day brings new opportunities, so we don’t plan to miss those creative moments that help us to deliver the best of us and reflect that in our work. Whether you’re planning to develop a website, design a website, develop a mobile app for your brand, or want to increase market share in the digital world, we will be here to guide you and turn that dusty dream into crystal clear reality. Our strategy is based upon focus, timely execution of the projects, and deliver a service that will make your clients go wow. All and all we have a group of enthusiasts who work hard to bring something new in the market. In every project, we aim to innovate and use our previous knowledge to create something truly amazing.


9 to 5 Monday to Friday