Brannon Finney

Boat Captain in Petersburg, Alaska

Brannon Finney is a Petersburg, Alaska-based commercial fishing boat captain. Finney has braved the seas of the eastern Kenai peninsula for almost two decades, gathering some of the world's best fish. Her exciting employment requires her to travel between the Prince William Sound's lovely settlements, which include Valdez, Cordova, Ketchikan, Juneau, Sitka, Whittier, Tatitlek, and Chenega.

When she is not gathering water or maintaining and prepping her sailboat, Alaskan Girl, for her next journey, she likes spending time in the region's incredible natural beauty. You could see her posing for selfies while surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, or just trekking through one of the region's several magnificent natural preservation areas.

Brannon Finney and her all-female crew tackle the many chores necessary with safely and effectively managing a commercial fishing vessel in Alaska as another morning of dense fog starts on the Prince William Sound. It is uncommon for a fleet to have a female boat commander, and more unusual for the whole crew to be female.