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BRASTINO (MWUMVANEZA Thacien) was born in 01/10/1990, he was born in Rwanda, western province where he grew up from his primary one to three and continued later primary three to SONRISE PRIMARY SCHOOL 2001, Finished primary 2004 and continued High school to same school/SONRISE HIGH SCHOOL 2005 where he completed High school from 2011 in MCE(Mathematics,computer science and Economics) and continued his higher studies to Former KIGALI INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY 2012 in COMPUTER SCIENCE under the government scholarship after passing grade 12/senior six with a good not of points. By then he was renting together with one of his family member outside the school cum-pass around the University near presidential residence. Unsuccessfully enough due to some personal and family financial disabilities he discontinued from the INSTITUTE after failing to pay the fees he was asked to pay due to different explainable reasons. He left for the street to hustle in blood and sweat so that he can be back and continue his studies. lucky enough he soon got a job in a security company where from time to time life seemed improving and went back school at UNIVERSITY OF KIGALI Where after he changed the faculty and Option offered before and continued in the faculty of BUSINESS MANAGEMENT AND ECONOMICS in the option of FINANCE from April 2013 studying in weekend program and spent the rest of his working day time at work Although it seemed tough, hustle and bustle, BRASTINO (MWUMVANEZA Thacien) continued with his determined mind hoping that things will be better once a time. lucky enough, the blessing continued where he again got a new job in KCB BANK RWANDA by 03 August 2015 as a sorting officer,head office under operations and logistics department under temporary basis, where he left INTERSEC SECURITY COMPANY for better. In May 28, 2016 Brastino got married with a Rwandan lady and the weeding was hosted in Mahoko-Rubavu- western Province. God continued to bless his Family as they got a baby boy in November 20th 2016 at Saint Jean Polyclinic where life continued in sweet and sweat just like normal life of a man. Under normal circumstances, in February 2017 after expiration of his contract with KCB BANK RWANDA, The bank decided to outsource temporary workers where he was immediately transferred to NFT Consult ltd.

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