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alarm company in Prescott Valley, AZ

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EW Bratcher


8544 E Eastridge Dr

Prescott Valley, AZ


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(928) 772-8008

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B&W Fire Security Systems is your top choice alarm company and fire protection experts. With 30 years in business, we take pride in protecting Homes and Businesses, offering fire protection services and security alarm installation.We supply an array of services to cover your specific needs including Fire Extinguisher Repair and Inspections, installing Sprinkler Systems and Hidden Cameras for security monitoring.Our company delivers top-notch Customer Service when it comes to security and protection for your home or business. We know there is no price tag on the value of family. As a property manager, there are a lot of important resources, expensive equipment and confidential information tied to your investment that would be best secured with a Fire Alarm System and 24/7 Surveillance. Rest assured in B&W Fire Security Systems to provide a team of highly-trained professionals to take care of your fire and security needs with 24-Hour Emergency Service.Your protection is our priority.

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