Raphael Bratschi

Zürich, Zurich, Switzerland

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Hello. I 'm a manager in digital media consulting and business development based in Zurich. I 'm currently working at adwebster, a Swiss technology company primarily specializing in digital ad networks and live data technologies.

I 'm also leading the Young Professionals of the International Advertising Association in Switzerland as President.

I am an entrepreneurial forward-thinking online marketer. My passion applies to the digital transformation and the endless possibilities to make our everyday life easier and to increase the efficiency at work.

I'm a convincing motivator with distinctive communication skills and I love to work in a team. My well-working network helps me to create new state-of-the-art chances and to stay always up-to-date.

Curiosity and ambition are strong drivers in my nature. It helps to develop constantly and stay adaptive. My work methods are well-structured and deliberate. I think that my solution-driven and service-oriented approach is the provider for my sustainable and long-lasting customer relationships.

Family, friends and colleagues appreciate my reliability, my honesty and my fairness.