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If you believe that its going to take you years before youd be able to master the German language, then, you are right. People that have obtained as their second to learn a language have been subjected to local German speakers for a number of years with constant studies in grammar and vocabulary. Doesnt sound simple, dont it? However when you find yourself progressing on this issue and when you can appear that you're enjoying every minute of talking German and studying, then you can say that you the German language isnt difficult to master at all.

It's perhaps not clearly. Just think of it in this manner, you have the sam-e process when you make an effort to discover other foreign languages, so there isnt any much of difference, really. When you begin talking German like its your mother-tongue, dont just stick to what you have learned previously. You can still find more room for improvement. Make the most of the educational resources you can easily get from online sources, books, journals and native speaking German friends..