Auckland, New Zealand.

We give advice on business and personal risk insurance. In essence we provide the tools that enable you to make informed decisions on how to protect yourself, your family and your business.

Our philosophy is 'you never know when that day may come, but when it does, you know it will be handled. You, your family and your business will be backed - it will be a BRAVEday'.

We don't just 'sell insurance', but provide a complete service from the first meeting right through to claim time. At BRAVEday our mind-set is 'when' you claim, not 'if'. It is the 'when' that all of our advice is based around.

You won't see us at our finest until you need to make a claim. That's when many insurance advisers run for the hills - we run to your aid. We turn claim day into a BRAVEday. It's what we're here for -we fight for you at claim time.