Tomorrow Is A Latter Day!

British Columbia, Canada

Chelsea ☆ 15 ☆ she/they ☆ ♎ ☆ infp ☆ enneagram type 9 ☆ canadian

I like a lot of stuff but I'm mostly into Andrew Rannells, Markiplier, The New Normal, cartoons, video games, and MUSICALS (Hamilton/BoM/Hedwig/Newsies/KB/AP/SR!). I speak english and french! My french is sorta Bad but if french is your first language (or you just like speaking it) honestly do not hesitate to hmu in french, I love to speak french and I could really use the practice!

I like to write and RP and I do that sometimes but I'm a little dead and have major procrastination problems so they can be difficult for me to keep up, sorry.

<2015> Okieriete Onaodowan liked my selfie on Instagram sometime during October. Anthony Ramos tweeted me 11/15. Lin-Manuel Miranda tweeted me 11/18. Christopher Jackson tweeted me about memes TWICE 11/21. Lena Hall RTd me 11/30. Javier Munoz tweeted me 12/22

"Every hour I spend with Chelsea, she sins." -- my irl friend.

twitter/AO3: ugandadistrict9 // tumblr: nonbinarykenny // insta: fxschbach

Please tag: trypophobia and irl gore. If you need me to tag anything please just ask and I will. Thanks for reading!

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