Braxton Woodham

Braxton Woodham is co-founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer of Lasso. He was most recently co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Tap11 and Zannel, which were acquired by AVOS in March of 2011. Zannel won a Webby in 2008 for best mobile social network. He was formerly the CTO of InfoSpace's mobile division where he was responsible for the WAP infrastructure that served approximately 70% of all mobile web views in North America. Prior to Infospace, Braxton served as VP, Technology at Moviso, leading the development of the V4 Platform, which scaled more than 100 times over 12 months to support more than 16 million transactions per month across US, European and Australian carriers. Prior to joining Moviso / InfoSpace, Braxton served as Executive Director of Technology at Sony Music Digital Media Ventures, where he focused on new media initiatives including mobile media distribution and Keyhole (which later became Google Earth). Prior to his career in software development Braxton served as Lead Propulsion Engineer for two Atlas missions and a Captain in the United States Air Force.