Bray Goodheart

Bray Goodheart is a senior Project management major in the Rawls College of Business at Texas Tech University. He is also pursuing a minor in construction engineering for Texas Tech. Bray has experience working as a project and field engineer on a number of different jobs while also being a full time student. Bray has worked multiple management jobs and has over 5 years experience in managing sales and construction crews. He has worked on construction management jobs that have exceeded 50 million dollar contracts. Bray enjoys leading small groups, managing projects from start to finish, and seeing that projects are completed in a timely manner above and beyond the expectations he is given on paper. Bray loves taking initiative when managing and striving for success as a group. He also values learning from superiors and taking every chance to gain knowledge to help drive his success in the future. Bray expects to graduate in the spring of 2015, and begin a career as a dedicated employee in the management field.