Bray and Scarff

Fairfax, Va

If you are in the process of embarking on a high-end kitchen remodeling project with estimates running at $300 or more per square foot, there are three specific areas that can make your makeover unique as well as luxurious.

The appliances – While it’s not a mandatory requirement, a kitchen remodeling project in a luxury home should be reflective of the features in the rest of the home. In fact, going with lower-end appliances can disconnect the kitchen from surrounding rooms and, due to the emotional impact of this space, can actually diminish the perception of the rest of the home. Today’s high end appliances include the implementation of a commercial-style oven (steam cooking is a relatively new upgrade), a built-in refrigerator designed with humidity controls and other features, as well as a barely audible dishwasher.

Countertops – High-end countertops gravitate toward the look of natural stone including granite and marble. Also on the rise in terms of popularity are the engineered countertops made with quartz and resin which, due to their non-porous structure, resist stains better than some natural stone surfaces. Engineered quartz is also highly durable, easy to maintain, and comes with a variety of color options.

Cabinets – In a high-end remodeling project, custom-built cabinets that are engineered for the specific dimensions of the kitchen can present the streamlined and cohesive look that homeowners expect. The popularity of commercial-style kitchens tends to incorporate less ornate cabinetry than rustic/country kitchens which can result in lower costs, but you should still plan on custom-built cabinets to command a healthy percentage of the overall budget, perhaps up to half of it.

Extras – Often the things that make high-end remodeling projects special are the extras that enhance cooking and/or entertaining. These extras can include the installation of an extra under-mounted sink and special-purpose appliances such as a wine vault. The increasing square footage being allocated to the kitchen area is also bringing about the installation of highly functionalized kitchen islands that can hold an extra sink, house the dishwasher, serve as an extra work station and/or provide seating. The addition of these finishing touches can add visual appeal