Brayan Salgado

My name is Brayan Salgado, I was born on January 11th 1996 in Bogota, Colombia, I study systems engineering in Antonio Nariño University, my favorite University subject is Programming, My favorite color is gray. I like watch American tv series, my favorite tv series is "Elementary", I like to play music a lot, I like to rock Music. My favorite movie is August rush, The person that I admire most is Nelson Mandela because he had the Courage to change a Nation, when I finish my education I wuold like study Music's Theory and to be the best engineer.

In ten years, I hope to have accomplished the following three things:

1. I hope have a Family with a wonderful and beautiful woman.

2. I hope travel to england and life five year here.

3. I hope be rich.

I am taking music so that I will able to be the best music player

I am looking forward to learning theory and practice of music and learn to play many instruments

I am nervous about singing of scales in this class.

My main goal this university semester is to have a scholarship for be a excelent student.