Carlos De Silva

I have been a venture capitalist and financier for over 12 years. I am an accomplished investor/client-driven executive who offers 12 years of progressive experience in managing and building client/investor relationships, assessing public markets and companies, and implementing creative sales and marketing strategies. As an established brokerage professional, I have the proven ability to secure strategic underwriting alliances with other companies. I have been a director of both public and private companies.
In 1999, I was managing director of C.J. Elbourne Securities (a brokerage firm located in Toronto, Ontario) and headed up a 80-person underwriting team. Over a three-year period I launched an intensive training program that produced quantifiable improvements in profit margins, productivity, communications, and client/investor satisfaction. Under my management, business increased 85%. More recently, I completed a project with a public company involved in the pharmaceutical industry. Under my leadership as former vice president and director, my sales team raised approximately $3.5 million over a two-year period.
I currently sit on the board of several private companies, including a real estate development company with offices in Toronto as well as Brazil.