Brazos Minshew

Acupuncturist, Writer, and Consultant in Austin, Texas

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Brazos Minshew graduated Hollywood College of Traditional Naturopathy on May 6, 1981. He studied Mind-Body medicine through clinical biofeedback with Jack Sandweiss, MA of UCLA and Philip Hughes, PhD in Berkeley. He studied acupuncture and Asian Medicine with Ralph Allen Dale, EdD in Florida and Lucy Lee, MD in Hawaii. Brazos Minshew earned his Master of Science in Acupuncture in 1993 through Brantridge University – Hawaii.

Brazos Minshew traveled to China and Japan and also taught at the Beijing College campus in Dallas, TX. He served two three-year terms as a clinical researcher in Vancouver, BC, at Occidental Institute with Walter Sturm and as Director of Clinical Research for Dallas College of Oriental Medicine with Dr. Mark Hanson. Brazos Minshew conducted “in-service” trainings as a guest speaker at Albert Einstein School of Medicine in Queens, New York, and Yale University’s St. Raphael Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut.

Brazos Minshew started a Stress Management program at Charter Psychiatric Hospital with Anthony Picchioni, Ph.D. and Gary Malone, MD. Brazos also served as Program Director for Stress Management at the Howard Center, Baylor-Irving with Sally Hill, RN.

As a speaker, writer and teacher Brazos Minshew Arizona resident from 2004-2016, has traveled the world. Brazos Minshew has communed with curanderos in Reservations of Tohono O’odham and medicine men and women in the Amazon rainforest. Brazos Minshew practiced Qi Gong on Machu Picchu and taught pharmacognosy at the School of Pharmacy, Ankara, Turkey. He provided Continuing Education to Chiropractors at Parker College, Dallas TX and to physicians at the Hospital Especialidades in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Brazos Minshew presented clinical biochemistry at the University of Croatia, School of Pharmacy in Zagreb, Pain Management techniques to a conference supporting by the Canadian College of Family Physicians in Ottawa, Canada and presented clinical r