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Address: 6408 Gholson Road,Waco, TX 76705

Phone: (254) 799-7119

Brazos Walking Sticks is your one stop shop for walking canes and the best hiking sticks around. Our one of a kind sticks are available in a variety of wood types and styles. You can purchase a walnut, oak, hickory, cedar, or other kind of cane. The majority of the sticks are 55 inches long, but we also offer 40, 41, 48, and 58-inch lengths. The best hiking sticks can be hard to come by, which is why we pride ourselves on creating a unique product that gets the job done. On top of our high quality, Brazos Walking Sticks are reasonably priced so that anyone can afford one. If you’re looking for the best hiking sticks, visit Brazos Walking Sticks today! You can order online or visit us in store to pick one up!