Brazos Walking Sticks

trekking poles in Bellmead, Texas

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Address : 6408 Gholson Road, Waco, TX 76705

Phone : 254-799-7119

Brazos Walking Sticks is your one stop shop for trekking poles and walking sticks. Our trekking poles are available in two colors and come at a modest price of $59.99. The trekking poles are useful for all environment types as they can grip sand, mud, dirt, or concrete. They are also collapsible and can shrink to the size needed in order to gain more balance with the terrain. In addition to those features, the trekking poles have anti-shock technology and interchangeable tips to help with gripping different surfaces. If you are on the fence about using trekking poles, keep in mind that each pole only weights 1.4 pounds and will not be a burden during your journey.

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