Ben Bedding

I am a published photographer based in Westgate-on-Sea in Kent with a passion for photography. I look at everything around me as though I'm looking through the lens of a camera! Take a look at some of my photos and if you like what you see and would like me to take some pictures of an event, function or your family, pets then contact me. I would love the opportunity to shoot any function, from birthdays to sporting events to help build my confidence, portfolio and techniques. This would be at a snip of the price that a professional photographer would charge (prices negotiable). I can also manipulate photos; if your favourite photo is ruined with red eye or an annoying object in front of the main picture simply email me the photo and I will do my best to rectify this for you. If you have a photo that looks lovely apart from the background or you would like certain pieces within the photo to stand out contact me.