Breana M. White

Southern California, United States

I want my spirit to be like the sun illuminating a beautiful and bright force of energy that warms the hearts and souls of others. I want my heart to be kind, loving, and empathetic; for this is the true essence of human nature. I want my mind filled with a vast expanse of knowledge, because the body deteriorates and the mind remains strong. I want to be unafriad, because fear is a crippling state of mind. I want to embrace my essence, and be brave enough to let my true self shine!

Goals: (1) Become a Domestic Violence Crisis Counselor, (2) Serve as a mentor for gang affiliated and imprisoned youth (3) Volunteer with the Peace Corps for two years in Africa focusing on youth development (4) Receive my Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) to become a counselor for mintory/underserved and underrepresented youth and their families.

  • Work
    • National College Resources Foundation
  • Education
    • University of La Verne 2014 BA English Cum Laude