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Bread Bag

PREMIUM 100% NATURAL LINEN: A durable natural material that is breathable & absorbs moisture making it ideal for storing your bread. It is Hypo allergenic and fully biodegradable making it a great option for those looking for eco friendly shopping bags and sustainable shopping experience.

Bread Bag

ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCE BAGS: Maia Lane’s 2 pack bread bags are reusable and multi-purpose. Use them to go to the market with. They can be stored in your bread box, pantry or look great on your bench or produce basket. The eco-friendly tube they come packaged in can also be reused to store produce.

CONSCIOUS GIFTING: The Maia Lane 2 pack bread bags make the perfect environmentally conscious gift. Ideal for house warming gift or perfect for mum gifts, grandma gifts or new dad gifts. A complement to Bread Maker Gift.