Abrahamsen Begum

I am a frequent visitor to Thailand and love to attend Pattaya. I usually like to eat a big breakfast, skip lunch and then head out for some Thai food for dinner.

I came across an extremely great British bar named the Sportsman on Soi 13 in Pattaya and immediately loved the atmosphere. Click here chorizo sausage to discover where to think over it. With a table, silver screen TVs and a great dcor, I found this air-conditioned pub a great place to choose breakfast.

The issue I'd was with the selection. Being from the Usa, I had no idea just what a full English breakfast was.

But, I was hungry, and it was was the most high-priced piece and at the top of the selection, so I figured it was the greatest. It was still a deal at about 240 Baht at least I thought it was.

Six dollars for break fast at the exchange rate of the time appeared to be a significant price. Due to the fact it was a really good place, with A/C and the BBC on TV.

Therefore, I order the entire English breakfast not necessarily reading what is sold with the meal. I'm, nevertheless, pleasantly surprised with the platter of food I am shown. Learn more on this related site by going to italian sausage.

I get beans and eggs, toast, juice and coffee, chicken, bacon and hash browns. At least I though these were hash browns. There were also fried tomatoes, but so I declined, I'm not a large tomato lover.

I got the menu to see what was listed because the hash browns were not exactly what I was used to. The menu said every thing as listed above, but no hash browns were part of the full English break fast.

There was something called bubble and squeak. I'd zero idea what that was. But I was bound and determined to discover what it was that I had eaten and had actually tasted decent.

I did some research on the Internet and learned that bubble and squeak was very similar to hash browns. I'd the potato part right but I'd no idea what else was inside. Study showed me that the remainder was greens mainly cabbage, carrots and peas. Learn more on this affiliated encyclopedia by clicking gluten free sausage.

I'm not just a big fan of greens, but all this mixed together tasted yummy. The platter was huge and the food was very delicious.

Therefore, even though you arent a Brit, vis