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The typical German language is currently also called the Hochdeutsch or High German in English. This form of language is now able to be available on any reading material everywhere in German...

The German language is the Old High German language which originally goes back in the 8th centuries. Standard German can be used by countries like Germany, Austria, Switzerland, a place in France named East-Belgium, Northern Italy, Alsace-Lorraine, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein and many more, today.

The conventional German language is currently also referred to as the Hochdeutsch or High German in English. This kind of language are now able to be available on any reading material everywhere in Germany. Hochdeutsch is widely used by intelligent people in the country, while there are still dialects which exist on some areas of Germany. The dialects which were affected mainly from the Old Dialects used decades ago are now gradually falling further behind in comparison with how frequently Standard German is used today.

The type of writing in German is named Fraktur that is leaned towards the Gothic and traditional method of writing the language. Fraktur will be the gothic style of writing the German words and letters since the 14th-century but the Roman letters replaced Fraktur in most types of writing or printing, on 1945. This is one way were now able to read and understand the German language even though undoubtedly, dont have an idea what some words mean.

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A li-on patrols the wild ev