Kidd Called Quest

Rochester, New York, United States

Kidd Called Quest

Hip-Hop producer extraordinaire, Kid Called Quest (Jason Martin) is one of Rochester, New York up in coming producers . Kidd Called Quest’s music speaks to a bygone era, a time when skills were more important than marketing, producing meant more than cutting & pasting, and being real was more than a catch phrase. Quest’s music captures the classic sound of hardcore East Coast hip-hop. The type of music that makes you nod your head, while speaking to your soul at the same time.

Along the path to becoming a successful producer, Kidd Called Quest has faced several challenges. Through it all he has shown that he has the determination and talent to survive in this fickle and jaded music industry. Originally christened Jay Quest by friends, Jay Quest had to rename himself Kid Called Quest in order to clear up subsequent confusion since several artists were also using that name. Quest also lost the original version of his debut album Put Your Headphones On, along with one thousand other instrumentals he had created. Despite these hardships, Quest has been able to bounce back with a renewed focus.

Kidd Called Quest’s instrumentals have spoken to a young generation of artist that is working tirelessly to carry on the traditions of authentic hip-hop music and culture. Kidd Called Quest has produced for such notable young & legendary artist such as Curtis Williams (of Two-9), Emillio Rojas, Hassan Mackey, Rapper Big Pooh (of Little Brother) J-Hood, Sky Zoo, Reks, Craig G,Big Shug from the Gang Star Foundation & many more. These instrumentals are much more than artful imitations of days past. these artists have had nothing but praise for the young producer. Thus showing true talent is always recognized and supported regardless of age.

Kidd Called Quest usually lets his music do the talking for him, yet people always want to know more about his unique production style. Quest has garnered coverage on various online sites, video blogs, and traditional print media. Never to be seen as just a regional phenomenon, he has received interview request from international markets such as the United Kingdom. Besides being an excellent producer, Quest is also a successful entrepreneur. He has sold over 5,000 instrumental CDs on his own. Showing that even in this era when most content is given away for free, people will still support the music that speaks to them.

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