Debra Hopkins


The short film, Finding Alice screened at the Action On Film International Film Festival on August 23rd, 2014. Debra Hopkins has been nominated in the written word competion.

In Pre-production My Worst Enemy Music Video.

Welcome to our global campaign, a non-profit artistic based charity, Breaking the Chains Foundation!

Breaking The Chains is a unified global campaign and non-profit charity organization geared toward creating a community of awareness, understanding, support and change for the many women, men, and children affected by eating disorders.

Using an artistic forum as an outreach to engage those affected and those who love them in enriching the public's perception by unmasking the stigma of what they "look" like and perceived to be. With the resounding MISSION STATEMENT: I WANT TO CHANGE THE FACE OF EATING DISORDERS!

Created, written, directed and produced by two award winning industry professionals with personal experience within an eating disorder whom have long since recovered to share this passion driven campaign as well as a multitude of creative and artistic projects.

I have lived in my own Alice World until freedom became the most important thing in my life. So as someone who has gone through an eating disorder, it has long been a dream of mine to come up with an artistic form of expression that would visually and emotionally stimulate the minds of those affected by eating disorders and the ones who love them. Capturing the emotional aspect of eating disorders of a world that is haunted, trapped, afflicted and distorted WITHOUT the focus being on food and the stigma of what they “look” like and perceived to be. There is no solid definition of an eating disorder accompanied by the many misconceptions surrounding them. So we are using art as our forum to enrich the journey to recovery!