San Diego, CA

Breakwater Equity Partners is a San Diego-based commercial real estate advisory, restructuring, and investment firm. Through our extensive experience on over 200 engagements with loan values in excess of $3B, the firm has devised a unique, multidisciplinary approach to analyzing and optimizing distressed assets. Breakwater’s professional team combines legal, financial, economic, lender, tax, and regulatory expertise to devise customized strategies for each property regardless of market (primary to tertiary), asset class (office, retail, multi-family, industrial, flex, land), loan type (portfolio or CMBS), or circumstance (performing or non-performing).

The fundamental strength of Breakwater lies in our multifaceted approach to examine and solve complex commercial real estate challenges. We do this by first understanding our client’s unique circumstances and then applying our multi-disciplinary approach to achieve the preferred result of eliminating personal guarantees, extending loans, reducing interest rates, reducing principal, bringing in fresh investment capital, and/or selling off the asset.

Each member of the professional team at Breakwater has extensive knowledge in distinct but complementary areas of expertise. These areas consist of Finance, Litigation, Bankruptcy, Tax, Banking and Regulation. Breakwater is able to succeed where others have failed because we analyze properties through an intense cross-disciplinary process, and are then able to create and execute a workout plan using a variety of legal and economic strategies. Our combined decades of experience in each of these disciplines enables us to develop comprehensive strategies tailored to each client.

Since the inception of our company, real estate investors have found Breakwater to be a trusted and reliable source of advice, counsel, and solutions for problems with their commercial real estate investments. As we look toward the future we will adhere to the same practices which have enabled us to build a relationship of trust with our clients, and made Breakwater America’s preeminent commercial real estate work out and consulting firm.

We will work on your behalf to accomplish what law firms, CPAs and other commercial loan modification companies cannot – a comprehensive solution and peace of mind. Here are a few of the services we have successfully provided to commercial real estate owners like you: