Michael Magnusson

In theZouk you can include special requirements in your request like “a room close to the lift” or “a hotel max. 100m from nearest bus stop due to injured knee”. Your chances of that perfect offer, tailor made just for you, are greater in theZouk. Since all offers you receive in theZouk are personal and not available to others, it gives the hotels and B&B’s new opportunities to offer extra special rates. Take advantage of this unique new situation by creating a request for Bed & Breakfast Barcelona, Weekend Barcelona, Weekend Florence or Bed & Breakfast Stockholm already now! theZouk is owned and managed by an independent private shareholder company in Sweden with decades of experience from the travel industry, backed by a small number of dedicated private investors.

theZouk is the perfect tool for you if you like to put your own itinerary together rather than buying a package. Easy to use, smart – and free. You have nothing to lose! Zouk it! theZouk makes finding a place to stay quick and eaZy. All you have to do is fill in one quick request form and we do the rest.