Breana Grove

Breana Grove

My name is Breana Grove and I am a teacher candidate. I am an Elementary Education major with a specialization in Language Arts. I am a Phase Two, Block One Junior. I will be starting my first assistantship this semester.

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is crafting. I love being creative and making different things. Teachnology provides access to a multitude of ideas, and some technology gives me the means to create these projects. I love to make different things and give them away or decorate my own house with them. Another one of my hobbies is baking. I love to try new recipes and see how they turn out.

I also really enjoy sports and going to different games. In particular, I love Steelers' games and Red Sox games. I have been to both in the past year and plan to go to more this year.

I am a manager at our local ice cream shop, The Freeze. I also work at Frostburg State as a student assistant. These jobs give me a great work ethic. I find that they have really helped me manage my time, especially when school is in and I need to balance school and work.

I also have many skills using Microsoft Office programs. In particular, I have a lot of skills with Microsoft Publisher. In high school, we had to create all of our yearbook formats using Publisher. I am also familiar with Excel, Powerpoint, and Word.

I spearhead a program called Project Cover Up. Members of the Frostburg Student Education Association help with this. The program fundraises to be able to buy fleece fabric and make no-sew blankets. We then donate these blankets to schools who in turn, give them to students who need them. I love having the opportunity to organize this group and help students in our community.

I do not want to be just an elementary school teacher. I have always had the dream of being a school guidance counselor. After I graduate with my undergraduate degree, I plan on coming back to school to take classes to get my school counseling degree.