Breanna Destro

Denver, Colorado, United States

My name is Breanna Destro and Disney World was the reason I changed my major. I will be graduating from the Monfort College of Business at the University of NorthernColorado with a degree in Business Marketing and a minor in computer science.

So why, Disney world you ask…Well I did an internship there while being a Pre-Med major, and during this time I was drawn to field of business marketing-in event planning.I enjoyed the challenge and the new communication style of marketing your selfas well as a company while working with the Marketing Department in my internship. I love receiving and implementing the business marketing training I gained while working with Disney’s marketing team.

When I came backto Colorado to study Teeth of all things…I wasn’t as passionate as I was for business marketing so I began to focus my efforts and my now major on obtainingadditional training in Business. I am achievement and detailed oriented. Irelate well with others so I work very well in a team environment and I have been the leader for many school, sorority, church, and community council projects. As an example, being the President of Pan Hellenic, Philanthropy Chair for community counsel and the lead of marketing for the UNC cheer team.

I have further developed my communication and presentation skills, and I have continued my love for business by being theyoungest ETL for Target, integrating my marketing knowledge and communication skills to lead meetings, analyzing sales and make strategic business decisions.When faced with a problem, I possess the skills to see it through and manage execution. I am prepared to make huge strides in the next step in my career in Marketing in Event Planning.

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