Breanna Thomas

Oregon, United States

My parents moved overseas when I was six months old. The first time I flew I was two weeks old and too small to understand that airplanes and airports would be a recurring theme in my life. For one year I lived in Brussels, Belgium. My parents then settled in Rwanda, Africa and have lived there for the past sixteen years. Rwanda proved to be a beautiful and dangerous country to grow up in. When I was thirteen I moved away to Rift Valley Academy, an international boarding school in Kenya. There I learned to love open skies, hate baboons, and better understand that friends are everything. Now I am taking four years to study in the most bizarre country I've visited, America. After I have learned a sufficient amount of information I'll pack a bag and take an airplane (preferably KLM or Swiss Air) to somewhere unknown where I plan to live out a life that glorifies God.

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