Breast Augmentation

Mumbai, India

Why should you look in a way that you do not like? Why should nature have the final say on how you will look? The answer to these questions are simple and straight forward. You shouldn't let nature have the final say and you are your own master on how you look and that is why the word about breast augmentation has to be spread around. It is any and every woman's decision to get breast implants and it is also her right to be given the most suitable information about breast enhancements. With all this in perspective the thing that is most important to remember is that the decision making process is a very important one for any woman and this is why they need to be provided with the most adequate information that they can get so as to assist them in their decision.

There are very many questions that may come up when people start talking about breast augmentation but one of the most common question that is asked is the price to get the enhancement. The cost for the procedure varies according to where you will do it and how you will do it but basically it ranges within four-digit values.

Surgeon fees are typically less than 2 lc

There are price ranges that are placed by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons so as to regulate the fees that one is charged when they get any procedure done and the average surgeon's fee for the breast augmentation process is amount 1.6 lc. That is more or less the stipulated fee by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery which means that the fee for silicone breast implants will be at about 1.8lc.

It puts different fees for silicone and saline implant, with the latter having to pay an average fee of 1.6 lc.

Although this is the stipulated prices it is very advisable to ask a surgeon how much they charge for an augmentation procedure before embarking in the procedure. There are some surgical websites out there and most of them have surgeons who put their price for breast augmentation at between 2.5lc and 3.75 lc.

Why the difference?

The difference is bec