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Stools may not be at any price manifestation of the disease. Especially in adolescents and young adults meet with the alternating stool when hard stools alternating stool průjmovitou. Frequent watery diarrhea after foods, such as watermelon and cucumbers, particularly Yeast Infection in children.

Diarrhea after breast milk and dairy products may be a sign of intolerance (intolerance) lactose.

For some people, diarrhea is a typical reaction to stress (others may actually deal with constipation).

The main cause of diarrhea, however, bacterial or viral diseases of the digestive tract. We can divide the poison produced by bacteria in food, and infection of the digestive system where harmful bacteria or viral particles actually present in the intestines.

The first group of diseases is characterized by rapid onset of symptoms after ingestion of contaminated food (up to 6 hours), watery diarrhea with fierce bubbling fluid in the abdomen and nausea or vomiting. Eg. the so-called staphylococcal disease enterotoxicosis takes a long time (eg overnight) and before the patient decides to visit a doctor, the symptoms subside.

Infections of the gastrointestinal tract usually have a slower onset, longer duration, stool may be unnaturally colored (yellow-green with salmonellosis, with blood infected with Shigella, etc.) There may be other symptoms such as fever, joint pain, muscle heads, etc. At this point, it is not possible to list all producers of infectious diarrhea.

Not everyone with diarrhea need to go to the doctor. The condition may resolve after administration of activated charcoal (especially after we go, if we suspected acute food poisoning) or drinks prepared from purified clay. When infection is suspected intestinal disinfectants we use, which are available at the pharmacy.

Remember the fluid intake!! We should try to drink as much of the body diarrhea leaves + extra two liters of fluid. It is advisable to prepare rehydration solution (also freely available) that combine with plain water or tea.

In the case of persistent diarrhea, stool has a special color or can not cope with illness at home, we always prefer to visit a general practitioner, particularly sickened when a child or senior vice versa.