Breast Implant

Mumbai, India


We live in a world where things customized are highly attracted. With the help of medical science, the volume of the breast can be augmented. In other words it can be customized up to a certain degree. By the process named as Breast Augmentation not only just the breast size can be altered but also a new physical form of breast can be created (Male to Female transsexual).

Basics of the Breast Augmentation

In order to increase the volume, the filling matter which is either saline or silicone is used. (Various combinations of fill can also be used as filler). The patient should consult which fill to use depending on her/his body. For example, the surface of the patient can be smooth or textured. Secondly, the preferred shape of breast implants post surgery which is either round or contoured depends on number of variables. Finally the place where the medical sac of filler is placed is highly critical. The different places where the sac can be incised are as follows.

Subgrandular – Places the sac in front of chest muscle

Subpectoral – Places the sac under the pectoralis major muscle

Submuscular – Places the sac behind muscle wall

Coming to incision, there are five types of surgical incisions and it’s the decision of surgeon which to opt for again depending on number of variables including the anatomy of the patient.

Pros and Cons

Breast Implant puts up her sensuality quotient but the customization comes with a cost too. Since in the breast implants process, a foreign element is inserted, there is chance of dev