Breathe This Life

I love to laugh. It’s impossible to be upset when you smile. ;=)

Some passions of mine are movies, music, cooking and blogging. I’m also very social so ask me about any of the previous topics and be ready for an intense discussion.

Born with heart, lung and spinal complications, the first 6 years of my life were filled with corrective surgeries and procedures. Surviving those traumatic events left me with challenges, many of which, I feel, make me a better man. Having fought and overcome those challenges have blessed me with a unique perspective, one which allows me to empathize and show compassion for the underdog.

One challenge that has resulted from a combination of scoliosis and lung malfunction is shortness of breath. I’ve always adapted by simply going at my own pace but during high school the doctor finally prescribed oxygen tanks. It started “as needed” and then just during the night time. After a severe bout of Pneumonia I started wearing oxygen on a consistent basis.

Not letting wearing oxygen slow me down, I still go out to movies, concerts, restaurants and even traveled Road-Trip style with my brother!

Everyone has talents that can be used to help others. My goal is to inspire people with breathing difficulties to use their gifts and change lives!