Joana Robert

organic gardenning and children garden therapy in Garraf, Barcelona

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Hi, my name is Joana. Being a Holistic Educator and a mother of two, I see the importance of providing nurturing environments for children as well as for their famillies.

In today's high tech society, contact with nature and integrating with the cicles of life are a fundamental basis for healthy growth and development. we see an increassing necessity to provide wholesome activities that restablish a emotional balance us We, as parents, would love to see them reach their full potencial, naturally.

My aportación is to create spaces that slow us up from our mind set and where kids explore different tools that allow them to learn about ina

. consciencia corporal, a better capacity to aknoledg and deal with their emotions and where we give

conectar, silenci, relation , cuidar, estar are relax

creative and joyfull activity that apports multiples benefits to you and your children

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    • Connect, nurture and grown