Danielle Brock

Burlington, KY

Change is a process, not an event. My life has had so many changes and each one changes me just a little at a time. My younger years were spent in survival mode. I didnt have the ideal childhood. I survived by becoming who I needed to be each day, each year. My children were my gift from God. I had them in my early 20's. My saving grace. I finally knew a complete and unending love. Everything in my life was about them but like most children, they of course grew up and I was finding that I needed to redefine who I was. I was still a mother. A wife. A hard worker. My life was all about servicing others.

Earlier this year a strange thing happened. Through my constant need to find who I was, I found running. I never ran in my life, who was I kidding. I began repeating to myself "Running to find the me I desperately need to be". That sums it all up! I needed an outlet to my stress. A way to feel confident, accomplished. A way to feel good about myself. Something positive. Something all mine.

I still haven't found that ME I'm looking for, but I'm really enjoying my journey and each little self discovery.