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View my portfolio (Strangely known by some as "192.168.l.l") is an IP address used to access many modems and routers, this is provided that said router or modem has the address configured as a gateway default

Follow Steps to Configure Your WiFi Router Settings using Go to Login By

To be sure if is the correct address for you to enter your router press the key and the R key at the same time. A box will open, in it type CMD and press ENTER. Then you will see a black window with white letters.

Then type ipconfig / all and press the ENTER key and you will see a lot of information on 192-168-1-1l about your computer and your network. Search where it says "Default gateway" and it will tell you what your default gateway is:

In the previous image we can see that my default gateway is , 192.168.l.l or whatever you want to call it.

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