Breanna Canty

Hi! My name is breanna, and I was born November 29, 1996 in Lawton, Oklahoma. I'm fifteen and I'm a sophomore in high school. My favorite colors and pink, yellow, and white, and my favorite animal is a sloth. I'm a very loving and understanding person, I don't hold grudges. and I try to be the caring and positive friend. I like photography, listening to music, sleeping, food, k-pop, hanging out with friends, and the internet. I dislike math, and judgemental people. my current thing to do after high school is to go to cosmotolgy school, and do something in make-up and fashion, I would like to see myself doing that in 10 years from now. Like I said, I love music, and I really want to learn how to play the guitar and the piano, and learn how to sing. That's just a little bit about me! (: